Quotes About Eight Miles High: Folk-Rock's Flight from Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock :

"Fans of the folk-rock genre will be understandably relieved to discover Eight Miles High is as well researched and enthusiastically written as its predecessor Turn! Turn! Turn!...Unterberger leaves no stone unturned...a new anecdote is seemingly never more than a page away. The 19-page discography will inspire great debate. Which is a good thing." -- MOJO [Eight Miles High was chosen as #9 on MOJO magazine's list of the Top Ten books of 2003]

"A masterfully arranged, trans-Atlantic history which sews together dozens of individual careers, teases out the connections with impeccable research, and never loses sight of the central thread...his combination of fresh research, copious interviews and thought-provoking links ensures that the ride never becomes predictable. Taken together, these two books [Turn! Turn! Turn! and Eight Miles High] are a major achievement." -- Record Collector [Eight Miles High was chosen as #3 on Record Collector magazine's list of the Top Ten books of 2004]

"Eight Miles High and its prequel, Turn! Turn! Turn!, represent some of the most thorough pop-music scholarship in recent years. Unterberger succeeds with a layered sociology that cuts an inwardly tightening swath through cultural movements and geographical communities, right down to the grist of musical and personal dynamics...Unterberger's major strength is in his exhaustive interviews and research. He marshals observations from well over 100 sources, both obvious (Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn, Richie Furay, Donovan) and less obvious (numerous producers, engineers, managers, etc.). But more important than the sheer number is the insight provided...Unterberger's two volumes (originally planned as one) are an important addition to music writing, for the confluence of folk and rock has reverberations well beyond the golden age represented here." -- No Depression

"Fascinating cultural history...establishes folk-rock as a continuum rather than a period piece." -- The Denver Post

"Unterberger provides a more conventional, narrative and chronological genre overview of a sound that has been ill-served by most rock histories. In keeping with his earlier collections of pieces on overlooked visionaries (Unknown Legends of Rock'n'Roll and Urban Spacemen and Wayfaring Strangers), Unterberger tells the fascinating tales of cult heroes such as Nick Drake, Tim Buckley and the Incredible String Band, as well as the more familiar stories of the Byrds, Donovan and Bob Dylan, and he puts them all in musical, cultural and historical context." -- The Chicago Sun-Times

"Rich with anecdote and filled with fresh insights, Eight Miles High, along with Turn! Turn! Turn! , will likely be, for years to come, the standard by which future attempts to tackle this story will be judged." -- Ugly Things

"Unterberger is entertainingly detailed, satisfying both the casually curious and the anorak...His research is faultless...Unterberger's anticipation is almost tangible, this is a guy who knows and enjoys what he's writing about...this time is so cool I've read it twice and found stuff that I missed on first scan...just as fascinating and controversial as the first volume." -- fROOTS

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