A seasonally rotated selection of reviews by Richie Unterberger that are being added to the All Music Guide.  Mostly reissues, 1960s rock, British Invasion, psychedelia, and soul, as well as some blues, R&B, early reggae, vintage folk, and whatnot from the annals of twentieth century popular music. Also some new, non-reissue discs that might be worthy of attention. No set style, just an idiosyncratic mix of what's happened to pass through these portals, most often of an indie/underground variety. Also here is a rotating selection of reviews of music books from the last few months (or sometimes, that I've found in the last few months, even if they've been out longer). Reviews from past seasons are also accessible, via pressing the Archived Reviews buttons on these pages.

These reviews also appear on the All Music Guide website, the largest on-line database of album reviews and artist biographies.

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