Interview transcripts from the Unknown Legends archive

This constantly expanding feature will present complete transcripts conducted for Unknown Legends of Rock'n'Roll,including quite a few quotes and stories that were not included in the finished book. These comprise a vault of information for the serious fan; you won't find them anywhere else. More transcripts will be added to this site on a regular basis, so be sure to check back from time to time.

Click beneath to access lengthy Q&As with:

Dave Aguilar: lead singer of the Chocolate Watch Band, who fused '60s punk and psychedelia as well as any Californian outfit of the era

Gina Birch: bassist and songwriter with the Raincoats, pioneering British punk-new wave band of the late 1970s and early 1980s

Sean Bonniwell: leader of the Music Machine, one of the greatest garage/psychedelic groups of the 1960s

Stu Cook: the Creedence Clearwater Revival bassist remembers producing Roky Erickson in the late 1970s and early 1980s

Kevin Coyne: darkly comic singer-songwriter with hints of madness

Ronnie Dawson: boy rockabilly wonder of the 1950s, still going strong forty years later

Milan Hlavsa: the bassist and founding member of the Czech rock band the Plastic People of the Universe talks about their musical and political lives, a few years before his death in early 2001

Penelope Houston: a leading indie folk-rock singer-songwriter, in quality if not sales, since the 1980s, after singing in one of California's first punk bands, the Avengers, in the 1970s

Chip Kinman: punk pioneer, with his brother Tony, in one of the first American punk bands, the Dils

Thomas & Annisette Koppel: The husband-wife core of Savage Rose, the stylistic grasshoppers and sociopolitical activists who have been among Denmark's most progressive (and sometimes popular) bands since the late 1960s

Stuart Moxham: principal songwriter of the Young Marble Giants talks about their "Colossal Youth" album and his solo projects

Martin Newell: lo-fi British indie popster behind the Cleaners from Venus, the Brotherhood of Lizards, and nasty poetry

Peter Stampfel: zany roots music maestro in the Holy Modal Rounders

Screaming Lord Sutch: the British wildman mixing left-wing politics, ghouls, and rock and roll

Mayo Thompson: from psychedelia to post-punk, the longest-lived veteran of Transcontinental alternative rock as the leader of the Red Krayola

You can also click below to link to the Perfect Sound Forever website for my interviews with:

Penny Rimbaud and G. Sus of Crass: could they have been the most uncompromising first-wave British punks?

Swamp Dogg: wild and zany funkster with a naughty streak

Robert Wyatt: progressive rock with a social conscience and a human face, since drumming for the Soft Machine in the late 1960s

Click below on the link to the Nick Drake Files Homepage for my interview with:

Joe Boyd: The most important producer of British folk-rock talks about his work with Nick Drake, Sandy Denny, and Syd Barrett

Click below on the link to the Krautrock web site for my interview with:

Holger Czukay: The Can bassist talks about various iterations of the leading Krautrock band

And you can click below on the link to Touch Home Page on the (Dutch) Outsiders for my interview with:

Wally Tax: Lead singer and principal songwriter for the Outsiders from Amsterdam, the best 1960s rock band from a non-English-speaking country

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